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Your business grew. You hired people. Now it’s your job to manage them. While you keep business ticking along. Making sure to meet that long list of employer obligations.

Humans are a valuable resource. But were also complex creatures. Managing employees is much simpler with reliable HR advice, good systems and compliant practices.

But many business owners sit in the dark, perplexed by a people problem, bamboozled by red tape or unsure if they’re doing the right thing. Some bosses just want to keep staff accountable but fear being misrepresented as a bully.

Jardine HR is here to shine a light. With Anita’s on-call expertise and experience you can discover how to get the best out of people and protect your business.
Anita works directly with businesses across Melbourne, Sunbury and the Macedon Ranges. She can help you to find practical solutions to employee performance management issues, writing employment contracts and position descriptions or resolving employee relations disputes.
With the right policies and procedures in place you won’t have to worry about a knock on the door from the Australian Taxation Office or Fair Work Commission.
You can just be confident in a bright future for your business.


Workplace legislation is changing all the time. How do you keep up? Wouldn’t you rather focus on your customers?

A HR audit is a chance to check whether your organisation’s policies comply with current federal and state laws governing the workplace.

It’s Jardine HR’s proactive risk management service to alert you to fixable issues before they become major problems.

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Awards specify pay rates and the conditions your employees are entitled to, plus your rights and responsibilities as their employer.

But there are so many different awards it can be difficult to know if you’re using the right one, or classifying someone correctly.

Jardine HR can point you in the right direction so you can resolve a pay dispute and know you’re doing the right thing.

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It’s so important to have an employment contract in place. It’s the critical document for managing employee relations.

This legal agreement between you and your employee needs to be clear and well written.

It should cover all relevant areas and comply with federal and state industrial relations law. Jardine HR can shine a light on this complex area.

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The penalties for not doing the right thing are big bucks – up to $54,000 overall plus $8K+ per incidence.


Your team needs to know what is expected of themin order to perform the job well.
Jardine’s HR’s advice is to start with good position descriptions, and implement a performance management strategy.

This transparent processis a way to keep you and yourpeople accountable.
It also gives you the confidence to have difficult conversations and take action if someone is not up-to-scratch.

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A good position description is the key to good performance, and the foundation for any employment contract.
The important features to include are skills and competencies. You’ll need to outline essential functions, tasks and responsibilities.

Also be sure to explain where the position fitsin the business hierarchy.
Jardine HR can assist you to put these critical documents in place.

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Have you been putting off that difficult conversation with an employee?

Or have the discussions reached an awkward and uncomfortable stalemate?

Perhaps you’d bemore likely to reach a resolution if an external consultantguidedthe discussion. Jardine HR is trained in mediation. Anita can support you to clarify your objectives, to work towards anacceptable outcome for your business.

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